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About us

Who We Are

  • LOTUSbuilt Building Solutions is a husband-and-wife outfit, bringing development opportunities to the Geelong, surf coast and Bellarine regions. With a history steeped deep in the building & construction industry, Tony & Vanessa have seen it all, you name it we’ve done it!

    From the early days running a plastering company, onto construction supervision for several of Victoria’s big volume builders whilst studying to become a builder himself, Tony then started his own multifaceted building company which included its own Brickey crew and carpenters. Tony worked with some of Melbourne’s top developers, building many dual lock & multi-unit investment properties.

    This was Tony & Vanessa’s passion for over a decade.

    Tony Modola

    “It takes a purpose to wake up every day wanting to improve on yesterday. Even little wins should be enough when all that matters is being true to who you are”.

    When you find the true meaning of self don’t be afraid to strive for more.

  • Vanessa joined Tony early on running the office, her roles quickly evolved when, in 2021, they acquired a second building company. Vanessa would soon be taking on and overseeing all preconstruction administration, council liaison, development approval processes, client colour selections and inclusions & specifications. This all fuelled a passion for design subsequently drafting her own floor plans and elevations.

    LOTUSbuilt Building solutions is a business that stems from the meaning of the LOTUSbuilt flower “rebirth.”

    Extracting all the aspects of their journey that bring passion & fulfilment, Tony and Vanessa have taken their extensive knowledge of the industry and apply this wisdom to move toward a blossoming future, creating wealth and prosperity for those that share the same vision.

    Vanessa Modola

    “The design & style of one’s environment creates the freedom of mind that promotes inspiration, a home should capture the personality of its owner making it a haven of comfort and the place to call home”.

  • LOTUSbuilt Flower

    Beautifully Triumphant 

    “One of the most poetic and inspiring flowers to behold, the LOTUSbuilt is noted for the wondrous way that it grows: before it can blossom in the sun, it must make its way through slimy pond muck. In time, the LOTUSbuilt rises above the water and emerges beautiful and whole.

    The LOTUSbuilt appears across many spiritual traditions and is widely regarded as a symbol of enlightenment. But the LOTUSbuilt also represents personal transformation. It offers hope that something beautiful can blossom out of suffering, that we too will eventually bloom. No matter where you are on your journey, let the LOTUSbuilt remind you to always trust in the unseen path that leads to the sun. “

What We Offer

  • Development

    Growth & Progress are direct outcomes of this service. The processes with in permit you to enjoy the reason why you set to develop in the first place.

  • Duplex Townhouse

    With limited land available around Melbourne it’s hard to go past areas we love. Working together with our team of consultants will allow the freedom and flexibility to create a home or investment property.

  • Multiple Units

    Step it up whether it’s time to create a nest egg or just challenge the norm.

  • Custom Build

    Everybody deserves to live out the DREAM and for some, it’s boats. For others, cars. But this may be yours.

  • Design & Style

    Style reflects personality, it also adds a level of comfort creating a home not just a house. We need to draw on emotions. Understanding this is a personal sanctuary.