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Design & Style

Design & Style

Design & style is where everything comes together. From day one of conceptualising your home, to the final styling before handover, the design and style of your project are what will truly tie together your space, transforming it from a house into a home. 

  • Concept 3D Renders

    Let us help you visualise your completed home. It’s never easy to imagine what a project will look like when all you have are plans on paper. With our 3D concept renders, we can walk you through your space before any work begins on-site, ensuring you’re happy with every last detail.

  • Interior Design

    Nail your design style with input from our interior design team. Our showroom displays our most popular design styles to give you inspiration for your home’s overall aesthetic. We also offer flexibility when it comes to your style choices so that you can always change it up if needed at a later date.

  • Colour Consultants

    Finding the right colours that will work with your design, style, and tastes can be an overwhelming process. We have teamed up with Haynes Paint to give you access to experts in their field who will guide you through your paint options.

  • Sales Staging

    It can often at times be difficult to visualise how a space will look and work when it is completely empty. Our sales staging services allow us to show you how your space will look and function when lived in. This provides clarity to you and to potential buyers of the possibilities of the home.

  • Landscaping Design

    Us Australians love being outdoors, but preferably without the maintenance. We strive to manage all aspects of your design process, from inside to outside, including your landscaping needs. This way every aspect of the home is ready when it comes time to handover.

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