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Property development in Melbourne and regional Victoria has grown exponentially in the last ten years. Unlike in the past, this market is no longer dominated by big investment companies, giving every-day Australians the opportunity to develop and sell in Melbourne and regional Victoria. With our years of experience and expertise, we will guide you through every stage of your property development, from concept to handover. 

  • Land Acquisition

    The first step in property development is finding the right property for you and your budget.  We maintain a wide network of real estate connections and have a solid understanding of what is achievable on allotments. With these resources and expertise, we will help you find the right property for you, resulting in premium development opportunities. 

  • Design Concepts

    Take away the stress and uncertainty of designing your development by collaborating with our design team. We work with several leading designers who use proven, cost-effective construction methods to help you conceptualise your ideal design. They will also identify and manage site-specific risks and local planning parameters so that you can move forward from the design process with confidence. 

  • Feasibility Studies

    Producing and analysing feasibility studies are an extremely important part of the development process as they give you insight into the overall cost and feasibility of the project. Our feasibility studies will give you extensive access and detailed estimating, including data logs, to ensure you have full understanding of the bottom line. 

  • Supply chain Advantage

    When developing property, costs can quickly add up. This is why we partner with major suppliers and maintain a strong trade base within the industry. These connections allow us to be competitive within our market place, offering you the best prices available. 

  • Specification and Selections

    We want your development to be exactly what you’re looking for, down to the very last detail. To make the specification and selection process simple, we provide you with access to interior designer created showrooms that offer a wide variety of styles to choose from.

  • Turn-Key

    Let us do it all! From Landscaping to Council asset improvements, we will ensure that every detail of your development is finished and complete by handover. 

  • Marketing Promotions

    When it comes time to sell your development property or properties, we will assist your sale, enhancing your position within the market place. We also offer educational blogs that add consumer confidence to all of our marketing promotions.

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