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Multiple Units Developments

Multiple Units Developments

Let us walk you through your next Multi-unit development. With our set style ranges and fixed price points, we will assist in making any multi-unit development in Melbourne and regional Victoria a smooth process with a quick build time and quality end product.

  • Cost Analyses

    When working within a budget, we understand the need to keep costs low. We provide detailed data logs to give you clarity on the cost of your multi-unit development in Melbourne or regional Victoria. By providing you with accurate price points along the way you will be able to closely monitor your budget throughout the development process.

  • Reporting

    We understand that, while you may not be available to project manage your multi-unit development yourself, you would like to be involved in the process and kept up to date with the progress of the build. This is why we provide monthly cost reporting for certain contracts, allowing you to keep track of your development.

  • Upgrade Abilities

    We aim to provide you with the freedom and flexibility to upgrade and alter your build as you go. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade if a pre-sale customer wants to add their own personal touch to the space.

  • Interior Design Styles

    We will give you access to our new showroom to give you inspiration for your multi-unit development. Let our experienced Interior Design team share with you our resources and their expertise when styling your units for sale.

  • Build Time Guarantee

    For big projects such as multi-unit developments, having a clear schedule with reliable build times is extremely valuable. With an experienced construction team, we can offer completion dates that hold us accountable to your schedule.

  • Quality Assurance

    We understand how important delivering a quality product is when it comes to your multi-unit development in Melbourne or regional Victoria. With solid processes in place to manage quality, as well as independent inspections throughout the development, we can offer quality assurance for your multi-unit development.